Keeping up with the Bakers
Ted Baker Interactive Windows

We’ve helped Ted Baker launch their Spring Summer 17 collection by creating interactive store windows across the UK and Europe as part of the brand’s global campaign ‘Keeping up with the Bakers’.

The windows encourage passers-by to become part of the Tailor Lane neighbourhood and peep into the seemingly perfect world of The Baker family.  By placing their hands onto palm print window sensors, shoppers who choose to take part will be photographically caught in the act and their image composited into an element of the window set itself including a television, a window and a portrait on the wall.

The windows have integrated the very latest Computer Vision technology to track a person’s face, and, without a green-screen environment, artfully composite their face into scenes from the world of The Baker family. 

The flagship Ted Baker store in London’s Regent Street also makes use of Whispering Window® technology which effectively converts the entire window into a speaker.  


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