Sorting Algorithms

In collaboration with Who Wot Why, Nexus Studios’ Nicolas Ménard has directed Algorithms, the first TV advertising spot for innovative online mortgage broker Habito.

It features a series of elegant sorting algorithms that turn graphical chaos into satisfying order; a metaphorical visualization of the brand’s powerful mortgage matching algorithm. The spot highlights how Habito combines innovative technology with human expertise in order to simplify the mortgage process.

To achieve the spot, Nicolas designed a series of instructions that were turned into versatile Web apps by Marcin Ignac & Nick Nikolov. These apps allowed him, and the in-house team at Nexus Studios, to play with the amount of units to sort per algorithm, and to adjust their appearance and speed. In order to most beautifully represent the technology, there was a strong emphasis on colour, shape and composition.

The sound was integrated using the same approach; by writing instructions for how sound would be triggered by each algorithm. Since each algorithm starts in a randomized state, this would create an infinite amount of ‘melodies’ to choose from. A real playground for German sound designer David Kamp, who crafted all the brilliant beeps and bloops of the first half of the film. After that, the spot needed a more human composition to contrast with the randomness of the machine and an unexpected collaboration took place; Habito’s founder Daniel Hegarty, who also happens to be a seasoned musician, composed the music at the end of the film.

Below are three of the algorithms from the film with the all the original controls. Be a part of the process and play with the different settings to create your very own algorithm.


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